Wanting to be Financially Free

We grow up being told that money equates to success. It’s one of the two ways we are defined by in society; time and many. It’s probably the thing that keeps you awake at night and also the reason why so many of us struggle to make our plans come to fruition. Whilst I am of the opinion that we need to work incredibly hard for what we earn, I also think that sometimes we all hold ourselves back from what we want to do by being complacent with bad spending habits. 

I want to be financially free, I don’t want to have to worry about living pay-check to pay-check. I want to have an income that doesn’t come from one source. And I don’t want to be awake at night wondering about if next months pay-check will see me to the next one.

More important than the how we achieve financial freedom, is the why. Find your reasons why you want to be free and wealthy.

Robert Kiyosaki

Being financially free means that I can do all the things I want to do in life and not have to worry about eating and paying my bills. I want to work in the NHS as a doctor, but I also want to go out with medical charities both abroad and in the UK. I want to be able to support my family whilst being able to have experiences and travel. Being financially free means I can give back to society and give up more of my time of others, because I am not having to spend my time earning money.

How I plan to get there

Its going to be a long journey and not something I will get to the end of and then go back to ‘normal life’. Its about getting into good habits and not spending more then I need to. Which allows you to gain the ability to start thinking long term about your finances. So I’ve started the process by giving myself five goals;

  1. Save 20% of my income a month
  2. Have an Emergancy fund that can sustain me for at least two months
  3. Pay off my car finance early (and save the interest!)
  4. Start a deposit fund – have 1500 in by the end of my studies
  5. Improve my passive income streams

These five goals are just general overviews of what I want to achieve, I’ve left them purposefully broad currently so that I can get comfortable in these new habits and goals before I get stricter with myself. I also plan on explaining each goal in more depth in future blog posts, but wanted to share an idea of the changes I am trying to make.

I am really looking forward to the challenges and seeing where they take me. I am also hoping to find some like minded people who are also on a financial journey. Starting this journey off with a No-Spend September, which you’ll hear more about soon!

1 thought on “Wanting to be Financially Free

  1. Such helpful tips! Thank you! I’m always finding ways to save money.

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