Med School Diaries: Lights, Camera, Get into Action

What a week it has been, I have made my directing debut, made a last minute trip home and finally got my revision plan for next week sorted. This week has definitely been about getting into action.

This week I tried to get on top of my anatomy work, but remembering the muscles can be hard – especially when I was trying to remember all the nerve innervation. I found the Friday anatomy session really useful for it.

Wednesdays day off for revision was productive until I came to med school in the evening. I got a little over excited and made my first film producing debut! This week the candidates for the MedSoc elections have been campaigning hard. One of my close friends has been going for Welfare Officer and we spent Wednesday evening creatively filming his campaign video. I have to say this is the most fun I have had in a while, it was nice to do something that was not medical school related and just have plain fun. We had a laugh, ate some chocolate and stayed at the medical school until 11:30pm.

This weekend involved an unplanned trip home. I went home to provide childcare for my siblings as my mum couldn’t find a babysitter whilst she worked. It was nice to go home and see the family but I was a little unprepared for the trip and was only staying Friday and Saturday. The drama came when I had to go back to medical school on Sunday…

I had a minor car accident… thankfully no one else was hurt and I only have a bit of shoulder and back pain. I hit a traffic cone that was in the middle lane of the motorway, had to swerve hard to avoid both the cone and the central reservation. Thankfully the damage to my car is not too bad but its definitely put a downer on my week.

This week is the last week before my easter break. I am using this week to get on top of my life and begin the prep for a hectic month of revision. It’s also my last community placement of the year tomorrow and last climbing session before easter. I am hoping to make it a productive week and brush off the neck and shoulder pain to have an active week.

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