Med School Diaries: Chaos, Cake and Cruciate Ligaments

This week has been an adventure and a half… I have driven over 200 miles this week; but it has been worth it. Having been home for the weekend I started the week behind on work. However, I didn’t let it get to me and have keep pushing on.

This week I had my MOSCE remediation as I was too unwell to sit it in December. It went really well, thank goodness! and can now relax on that topic until exams in June. Went to view a house for next year as well and we loved it enough to sign for next year! Agreeing to live in a house next year has really made me determined to pass the year and not have to retake.

Drove back home again on Tuesday to have my birthday at home. I was so grateful I had the opportunity to do this and really enjoyed spending some time with my family and had a great time going out for dinner ( I wrote a whole post about it!). Back to uni and I seemed to bring the sunshine back with me, and so we had a great time walking to and from uni for lectures.

This week though I haven’t kept up with work I have needed to do I have definitely had a super positive week and am looking forward to being back on top of the work and enjoying the finer points of the block before easter. I am enjoying block 4 and all the muscles, this week we have been focusing on the knee and ankle joints and compartments in-between. The chunkier anatomy is definitely more up my alley and much easier to retain and understand.

Next week is a lot less hectic and will be a great chance to get the notes for this block solidified and get some of it learnt of by heart.

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