Med School Diaries: Its okay to take a break

It’s been a tough two weeks back since Christmas. I have pushed myself almost to breaking point, mainly due to forgetting that my mind needs a break too. This weekend I full on crashed. I did no work and spent most of my time in bed sleeping. 

I think I was incredibly anxious and tired, it meant by the end of this week I was incredibly skittish and emotional. It was a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions. The decision to spend the weekend doing little to nothing was not completely by choice, but necessity. The last two weeks have involved late nights in the Postgraduate Hub, a study space only for PG. Its included not leaving before 10pm on frequent nights, and although its helped with my productivity hugely. By the time you get home and in relax enough to go to bed its 1am. Not conducive to long days of learning.

Medical School is this massive pressure, both put on your shoulders by yourself, by proud family but also by the school and fellow medics. I was content enough in the place I was with work that I was comfortable in hating myself only a little bit when I spent the weekend doing nothing but watch crap telly on YouTube. It was surprisingly nice not to hold myself up to the standards of others and finally have the confidence in my own work to ignore other people telling me of the miles of revision they had done or the large amount of socialising they had achieved.

I was social this weekend to, thank you very much. I went to a house party… it was across the street I couldn’t really say no. It was really nice to go hang out and relax without medical school coming up in conversation. It proved it was possible for medics to talk about something other than medicine, but that a few drinks needs to be involved. Last night I went rock climbing with friends. It was really fun and I am thinking of spending some money on the membership and trying to go a few times a week, especially since the amount of time we’ve consider going; it would definitely money well spent. 

This week I have no bedside teaching, we are heading back out into the community tomorrow to meet some patients and will also be enjoying a week with minimal anatomy work to do. 

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