Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate | Fargo Village Chocolate Festival

IMG_1398There is no secret or cheat to getting through medical school unscathed, its simply about finding coping mechanisms and temporarily solutions to the problem.

Alas, recently my solution to my problem has been scheduling small non-medical related things to do, and if I can get out of the house even better. So, when I found out about the FarGo Village Chocolate Festival was on last weekend… it became my Saturday afternoon plan, and my motivation to do some work on Saturday morning!

IMG_1396FarGo Village is an old industrial site that has been transformed into small retail spaces for independent businesses. It has some amazing food stands and events during the whole year. My trip for the chocolate festival was the first time I had been although I had heard about it a few times and it is a beautiful space and I would really like to go back again for some of their dining events. I love the little café and bookshop; it’s so cute and comforting to be in, it encourages people to come read or work at their tables. The idea of them using their creative space to help others start their creative businesses is really a great way of paying it forward and retaining customers.

IMG_1389.jpgThe chocolate festival was smaller than I expected but I was by no means disappointed. There was donuts, brownies and more chocolate than you can shake a stick at… the chocolate gin also went down a popular treat. I bought some fudge from the festival, really impressed by the range of flavors and how good they tested. It was definitely not too sweet, and I’ve been enjoying my block this week; I am sure my sisters will love theirs when I go home this weekend.

IMG_1390.jpgVariety is key at events like this, and the festival definitely held its own, there were some great variety, however for me the price was very expensive for some things. My favourite part of the event was definitely the Bournville waffle van! Though it was a close call with the cheesecake truck. I chose the Banoffee waffle, it was very tasty and became my lunch as I was satisfied all evening. Until i ate my donut for dinner, which was a great life choice until the sugar crash later in the evening. Its a shame it was little to bread like for my taste, but was still a very good tasting donut.


Would I go back to FarGo?

Yes, because although it’s an expensive venture (though the free parking helps) it’s an amazing quality location and such a great way of supporting independent businesses, something I think in our economy we should try to do as much as we can. I would definitely recommend visiting, though I think going at one of the evening dining events is probably likely to be worth the money and be a better evening out with friends.

P.S – How can you not love this waffle! Just look at it! 


3 thoughts on “Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate | Fargo Village Chocolate Festival

  1. Wow this looks amazing! What was your favorite part?

    1. The waffles by far! I wished there was more activities ect. to do. But the trip was worth it for the waffles!

  2. briannamarielifestyle November 22, 2018 — 3:57 pm

    Omg yummmm I love chocolate☺️
    Brianna |

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