Suddenly Single

Going through a break up and grieving for a relationship is one of the hardest moments when dating. Finding myself suddenly single this week has left me in a strange state of mind: on one hand I am determined to understand why I wasn’t good enough for the relationship, whilst wanting to use the opportunity to explore my self-understanding to develop and new and improved me.

I am lucky to have a number of friends and family who rallied around me after I was surprised with my sudden breakup. Reminding me how amazing people can be when you need them most. I found myself entering into the dark abyss of blaming myself, even though I hadn’t ended the relationship, it left me insecure, upset and alone in the house with a bottle of wine.

Fortunately, brave enough to put the wine away and dig out the good old cup of tea, I became determined to feel positive about myself and use the extra time, money and freedom to be truly happy. As much as it pains me to say and think about myself, it’s all happened at a good time.

I begin my move and studying for my medical degree. Finding time to fit in a semi long distance relationship was a hard concept, who knows what reality would have brought. It’s given me the chance to start afresh, close doors that are too painful to keep open and develop a whole new mindset to life and relationships. I am very fortunate to have this chance to grow, I am not going to waste it by living in the world of what could have been. You’ll miss what’s heading your way.

Appreciate being single because that’s when you grow the most… & with that growth, you come to know what you’re looking for – Daniel Goodard



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