Getting Crafty: Scrabble Coasters


Whilst clearing out my space and my life, I’ve found some wooden scrabble letters i brought on a whim after i read a Pinterest post. I decided to make use of some of them before donating the rest of them to a friend who loves to get crafty. I used the letters to make these beautiful coasters which i love, each on is unique to me and i love them.


The first step involved finding some four letter words. I tried to find words that matched or looked into some simple sentences that might work. I was lucky that one of the squares i found was a blank square. This meant i could use a three letter word ‘tea’, which is coincidentally my favorite drink.


Next i was able to combine my words into these cute little sayings. There are two types of coaster styles i made. “Brew Tea. Give Hugs” the short sentences. Or the “cozy, home, warm, rest” the similar word groups. I lined up the sentences and saw what my coasters were going to look like.

Once i’d decided on the order it was time to get gluing. I started in the top left corner and went across making a row. Once i had done this i added the next rows first letter and worked my way across. This kept going until the whole coaster was done.

The reason why i didn’t make rows and then join them together is because the edges of the pieces are slightly off center, doing each piece individually means that you don’t get large gaps.

After the coasters are dry. I flip mine onto the back and brush on a liberal coat of PVA. It fills in all the gaps and gives the bottom something to grip with.


These are the final results, a beautiful trio of coasters. They work really well, and i love the clean yet obviously homemade feel.

Other ideas include making coasters with muddled up letters, they don’t necessarily have to make sense. Alternatively, you could make these coasters from actual scrabble pieces for a more accurate feel.


1 thought on “Getting Crafty: Scrabble Coasters

  1. Something different and unique, that you created. Looks very good.

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