My Vision Plan

I like to be an organised person, so I like making an action plan of what I am going to do and giving myself deadlines. I am capable of procrastination very easily and so this method often makes sure I stick to my plan and don’t give up. So I wrote a step by step action plan of what I intend to do every day to reach my goal.

I also loved the ‘must list’ idea and its ability to constantly inspire and motivate despite when in times of trouble or self-deprivation. For this reason when putting together my action plan as part of the steps to minimalism, I decided to create both elements for my vision plan. I went with a plan known as the ‘power of will’.

The power of will

I will live life to the full every day.

I will write every day.

I will eat healthy at every meal.

I will reduce waste.

I will look in the mirror and be happy at what I see.

I will not buy things to satisfy others.

I will make every day special for someone else.

I will grow as an individual every day.

I will exercise three times a week.

I will put effort into all my relationships.

I will be thankful and gracious in all that I do.

The deadlines

Write a successful vision plan – 21stJune

Clear out wardrobe – 21stJune

Empty out clutter in bedroom 22ndJune

Box away all belongings 22ndJune

A month in boxes – ends 22ndJuly

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