Why I want to become minimalist


In today’s society we’re defined by the stuff that we own; where we live and how much we own. Quite frankly it’s tiring trying to keep up with everyone and everything, making sure your on trend and everything you own is top class.

It also begins to clutter up your life, you are surrounded by objects that hold little meaning or that could be useful but you haven’t touched in months. This cluttered life eventually begins to cloud your mentality and you struggle to remain productive in all that you do. This is the problem I’ve had recently, I’m so surrounded by stuff and things that need doing to maintain this stuff that I am running out of time and money.

This is not the lifestyle I want to live; I want to enjoy my money; spending it on experiences and enjoying life. I don’t want to be wasting space and I want to live a clutter free life. I am starting with enveloping the minimalist lifestyle, before eventually taking on parts of the clean living lifestyle. I say parts because there are some elements that do not fit in with me and elements i don’t necessarily think I need to take on to live a cleaner, better life.

When I was first researching the idea of clean living I can across the bloggers advertising no preservatives, no sugars or flavorings and sticking to organic veg or grass-fed meat. It all seemed a little too pompous for my tastes and didn’t really come across as the lifestyle I was looking for; minimalism was the start of what I am looking for and is the perfect place for me to start changing my life.

The first place I came across the idea of minimalism was on a blog called the minimalists , its ideals resonated with me especially the sentence:

Minimalism is a tool to rid yourself of life’s excess in favor of focusing on what’s important—so you can find happiness, fulfillment, and freedom.

This sentence is essentially what I wanted out of my life, combined with the ability to be healthy and happy with myself. This journey begins with minimalism and will end in something I am calling ‘happy living’ – where I can be happy to look into the mirror and to live life in happiness, fulfillment and freedom. This all starts with writing a plan, giving myself some deadlines and writing some goals I want to reach and soar beyond.

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