Micro – deadlines for big results

With the end of final year looming, there is a lot of coursework to do and plenty of exams to prep for. In order to manage this, along with work, and attempting to have a social life. There is not a lot of time, and when the work seems crippling, not a lot of motivation. The method I have developed for over coming this is micro-deadlines.

Its a simple process really. I break each large piece of coursework into smaller categories, before giving each of them a date they must be done by. Take my extended essay for cancer biology; a 2400 word reflective essay based upon two different case studies of cancer patients.

I can split the essay into four sections; the intro, case 1, case 2 and the conclusion. I secondly look into what needs something else done in order to be completed; so the conclusion and introduction can wait until the end. Then I assign a timeline based upon the grade breakdowns and the deadline.

Its amazing how breaking things into smaller chunks increases your productivity. The success of completing each deadline is the motivation to continue and smaller tasks makes achieving such that much easier.

Alas, my essay due today was successfully submitted on time. There was little stress in handing it in as the work was completed on time; however, it didn’t make completing it any easier. Though it is now done and dusted. Now my week can be much calmer.

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