10 Facts i wish i’d know before applying to uni

1. Anything in a public place is up for grabs – if you leave your tin opener in a public place, its free for the next person to use and you may never see it again. For that reason, if you love it, dont leave it in the communal areas.

2. Never be afraid to get feedback – When i first started i rarely asked for feedback about coursework and how to improve exam scores. I felt like it just wasnt done, i’ve learnt much more but finding the courage to ask, what can i do to get a better grade? Asking for help is okay.

3. Know your bank balence back to front – its the only way youll have enough money to eat and pay your rent. Being able to balence the budget is one of the key survival skills you learn at uni.

4. Leave your door open – if your unpacking or watching TV leave your door open. Its a great way to make friends and show your arent a hermit. Its also great for finding out if theres free food going! Obvious if its the front door… you might not want to try this…

5. Check out the library before splurging on books – its a waste of money to buy expensive new textbooks if they are available in the library. Most will have a reference copy or two that will always be there. If you want your own, buy it second hand, you don’t need the new book smell to learn from it.

6.Don’t bring one plate, cup and bowl – there is nothing worse then going round to your mates and them not having a cup for you to drink from… its hard to make friends if you can’t offer basic hospitality.

7. Know when to take a break – This ones important during third year. At the begining of the year i was so anxious and stressed about getting all the work done i made myself ill. Knowing when to take a break and chill is vital to success at uni.

8 . Learn to use a washing machine – if you can learn before you go, great! I’ve witnessed a few freshers with grey t-shirts after not learning how to seperate darks and lights. Knowing how not to shrink you jumpers a good choice too.

9. Its never to early to plan ahead – You can start looking at internships and scholarships before you even start. Its even the same with optional modules, plan ahead to stay ahead.

10. Beware of Freshers Flu – its not mythical, freshers flu does exist. Whether you live in halls or not you will fall a victim to it at some point. So remember to budget in for some tissues…


Have i missed anything on the list? Let me know in the comments what you think.

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