Hamilton: An American Musical – 15th Feb 2018

People sometimes attribute my success to my genius; all the genius I know anything about is hard work. – Alexander Hamilton

I loved my recent trip to see Hamilton at the Victoria Palace Theatre. It was the birthday treat i’ve been waiting for since I booked the tickets over
a year ago. Its been a constant excitement, with the music playing as an almost constant on my playlists.

The London version of the musical definitely went above and beyond my expectations after falling in love with the original broadway cast. Its definitely a musical that can convert the skeptics into lovers. I went with my friend Beth, who sat next to me and didn’t comment once as I practically quoted the musical the entire way through and held my hand as I cried.

Alexander Hamilton always worked hard for what he believed in and actively fought for his principles and ideas: though he made a few mistakes along the way, he earned forgiveness for many of them. Hamilton is famous for his work on the US treasury after the revolution as one of Americas founding fathers and once held the power to determine who became president.


I love the story and principles behind Alexander Hamilton and his work over the years. I alsolove the adaptation by Lin-Manuel Miranda for bringing musicals into the common age with a 90’s twist. I highly doubt the CD will leave my car’s stereo anytime soon and the beautiful gift from Beth will remain on my bedside table for a long time to come.

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