Short: Playing Parent

Played at being the parent today as I went to watch my sisters’ harvest festival service; to be honest I had time before I had to get into uni for my awesome lab practical, you’ll hear more about that soon.

The problem for me comes with why I had to go. This morning I would have loved the chance to get in early and get some revision done in peace, especially as I have to go to work tonight, but I felt compelled to do so. Those of you who know me know that my relationship with my parents was pretty good until my siblings were born, after that I suppose I became resentful of they way my parents went to pretty much all of their things but my school plays and parents evenings became less important.

Now as my parents own and run two businesses they struggle to meet the standards of attendance they have enforced upon my sisters. So I go, because I know what it feels like to spend the entire time looking for your parents only to realise they aren’t there.

Many of my friends say I should stop being this much of a parent to my siblings as its preventing me from being a teenage student, especially when I turn twenty in February, but I have vivid memories and regrets about growing up and never telling my parents I had problems or was struggling. Or never having anyone care that my grades were slipping as life at home took its toll.

Despite how much it pains me and its not my place to do so, playing parent is completely worth the time and mental strain for the smiles on my sisters faces when they saw me in the crowd of mums and dads, and hopefully took away the upset at my parents not making it… again. I suppose its good practice for parenthood…

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