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10 things I have learnt from University

1. Commuting to London is emotionally draining Commuting to university ultimately saved me money in rent and food costs but the emotional drain of having to push yourself through a long commute home was emotionally draining. I don’t regret it but I have come to appreciate the people who do it every day ,365 days… Continue reading 10 things I have learnt from University

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Note to self: Essays Suck

You have to love what your writing about, you have to believe in what you're writing and enjoy taking the time to do it. Its why i often take breaks from blogging. You start writing posts for the sake of post writing and the quality drops, followed by the motivation. It works the same way… Continue reading Note to self: Essays Suck

Undergraduate Degree

Cancer Biology: Mixing Masters and Undergrads

My second semester module is Cancer Biology. Its an intriguing module that is intense and interesting all in one go. The module is also different in its formatting; combining masters and undergraduate students together to form a large mixed ability lecture hall. As an undergraduate in this class i have mixed feelings about this, my… Continue reading Cancer Biology: Mixing Masters and Undergrads