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Moving Out, Moving On Up

‘When it’s time for you to venture out, don’t let fear have you looking back at what you’re leaving behind.’ Today is moving day! I am officially moving out from home to go to University (take two). Although Uni moves are usually considered temporary; it is unlikely, due to path my career will take, that… Continue reading Moving Out, Moving On Up

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The Next Great Adventure!

I can finally let everyone know about the next adventure i will be going on... and bringing you all along on the blog! When i was 16, i had got my GCSE results. I was asked by the careers adviser at my school what i wanted to be when i was older. I wanted to… Continue reading The Next Great Adventure!


What I have learnt from a month of minimalism

Making the decision to embody the theory of minimalism just over a month ago has been a major adventure. I've learnt plenty about myself and the ideals other people have that i don't want to take part in. There has definitely been a sharp learning curve, and everything I have taken from the exercise of… Continue reading What I have learnt from a month of minimalism

Exploring Life

Life Explorer

“If you’re not exploring life, if you aren’t looking for yourself, if you’re not finding many different things you love, what are you doing?” I want to be a life explorer, I don’t want to be held back by my ability to say no to things that scare me. I am determined as I begin… Continue reading Life Explorer


Living in boxes – a few days in

There's something quite liberating about living with only the stuff you need. My clear out got rid of over two boxes worth of clothing, books and general rubbish I had been hoarding out of a sense of necessity. After I had cleaned out my stuff, I packed everything else away in boxes. In the two… Continue reading Living in boxes – a few days in

Undergraduate Degree

Passed and Completed

I did it, I passed! It’s a great relief to get my final results and confirm I have achieved a 2:1 (with honours) in Human and Medical Science BSc. There has been a long journey to get to this point and there really were moments I questioned my decision to do this. It’s definitely been… Continue reading Passed and Completed

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Tenerife Tales #1

I am currently sunning myself in Tenerife for a week, its the most lovely all inclusive resort; anyone who wants to find some pictures feel free to have a noisy on my instagram account. We have had a lovely sunny time, my partner and I. There is nothing better then a week of doing nothing… Continue reading Tenerife Tales #1

Undergraduate Degree

10 things I have learnt from University

1. Commuting to London is emotionally draining Commuting to university ultimately saved me money in rent and food costs but the emotional drain of having to push yourself through a long commute home was emotionally draining. I don’t regret it but I have come to appreciate the people who do it every day ,365 days… Continue reading 10 things I have learnt from University