You always need to have biscuits | Caramelised Chocolate Cookies

Having successfully moved into university, i am now enjoying the freedom of a kitchen more or less to myself. I am loving planning my meals over a few days and cooking so gorgeous food, i am hoping to start sharing them with you over the next few weeks. This cookie recipe is something i have… Continue reading You always need to have biscuits | Caramelised Chocolate Cookies

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Why I Chose Warwick Medical School

One of the first steps when deciding to become a doctor is picking your medical school. I picked my four choices with two being my preferred options, Warwick was my top choice. There were many reasons why I picked Warwick as my home for the next four years most are outlined below:   Postgraduate Only… Continue reading Why I Chose Warwick Medical School

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Welcome Home

I've officially moved in to my new house and i am feeling so positive about the whole process. Though i am sad to have left home and my family, this independence has really reaped positive personal changes. The house i've moved into is a short 8 minute drive from the uni, or a twenty minute… Continue reading Welcome Home

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Moving Out, Moving On Up

‘When it’s time for you to venture out, don’t let fear have you looking back at what you’re leaving behind.’ Today is moving day! I am officially moving out from home to go to University (take two). Although Uni moves are usually considered temporary; it is unlikely, due to path my career will take, that… Continue reading Moving Out, Moving On Up


Autumn Baking Begins | Chocolate and Blood Orange Tea Loaf

I think it can officially be said that it is now autumn, the darkening evenings, the colder weather and the leaves starting to fall off the trees is a perfect sign. As the seasons change, the type of baking changes; i begin to favour dark and heavier flavours over the lighter cakes. This Chocolate and… Continue reading Autumn Baking Begins | Chocolate and Blood Orange Tea Loaf

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September Goals!

I can't believe September is here already! Where has summer gone, let alone the year! August was an amazing time for me. I graduated and finally announced that i am attending medical school, which begins in just over two weeks. September is a big month, and i look forward to bringing you all along in… Continue reading September Goals!


Making Peas Taste Great Again! – Pea, Lemon and Vanilla Cake

We are naturally healthier during the summer, the heat and the sunshine makes us much happier to eat salads and fruits in abundance. During one of the hottest days last week i was looking into cakes that contained vegetables. I always want to eat healthier, but when you have a baking obsession that you have… Continue reading Making Peas Taste Great Again! – Pea, Lemon and Vanilla Cake

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Guest Post| The Genesis of my blog – by Nate Johnson

Letters. Those things in the mailbox that aren't thrown in the trash right away. When somebody sits down and put their thoughts down on a piece of paper and ship it off with a forty-nine cent stamp. Nowadays, there are many ways to communicate. You can use Snapchat, Facebook, Periscope, even the ancient art of e-mail to name a few. People can use 140 characters or show breakfast with a dozen hashtags and filters. Writing letters seems to be a lost art. They take time and thoughtfulness. When I write someone every other week, I can't put every detail of my life. I have to be selective, not like social media, but in a different way.

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The Next Great Adventure!

I can finally let everyone know about the next adventure i will be going on... and bringing you all along on the blog! When i was 16, i had got my GCSE results. I was asked by the careers adviser at my school what i wanted to be when i was older. I wanted to… Continue reading The Next Great Adventure!