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Celebrating 22: Time with Family and Dinner outdoors

I had a great time celebrating my 22nd birthday yesterday. Took my study day as a cheeky opportunity to head home for the day to celebrate with the family. I am really glad I did as I had a lovely relaxed day with the family, especially since its half term so my sister’s are home.… Continue reading Celebrating 22: Time with Family and Dinner outdoors

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Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate | Fargo Village Chocolate Festival

There is no secret or cheat to getting through medical school unscathed, its simply about finding coping mechanisms and temporarily solutions to the problem. Alas, recently my solution to my problem has been scheduling small non-medical related things to do, and if I can get out of the house even better. So, when I found… Continue reading Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate | Fargo Village Chocolate Festival

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Blind Date with a Book

Kleptomaniac Cunning Heroine Suspense Thriller England That was all i got when i picked my recent book, via Blind Date with a Book. This book turned out to be Marnie by Winston Graham. Winston Graham is also the author of the famous Poldark series, and Marnie was no less of a hit, becoming a Hitchcock… Continue reading Blind Date with a Book


When the drugs don’t work…

I've just finished the most intriguing read; a welcome break from the revision stress, but a thought  provoking one non the less. The Drugs Don't Work, by Professor Dame Sally C. Davies is a thought provoking yet blunt incite into whats going to happen in the next 30 years as our antibiotics stop working. There… Continue reading When the drugs don’t work…

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Bookworm or bust!

I love books. I can happily go through three or four a week, especially during the summer holidays. For a while I've had a list of books i've wanted to read.... it gets longer and longer over time as i find more suggestions or my interests change. Reading books really helps me relax and develop… Continue reading Bookworm or bust!