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Lessons from Blogging in 2018

It's been a crazy year for the blog. I went self hosted in a motivational attempt to push on with writing and have moved on from studying a degree in a relatively unhappy mental state to studying my dream medical degree. I’ve learnt a lot about myself; I’ve also learnt a lot about how to… Continue reading Lessons from Blogging in 2018

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Why I have begun Journalling

I have begun journalling recently after reading multiple pieces of research into the positive effects it can have on both your wellbeing and your learning. After struggling mentally with the last term of medical school and struggling to find the right people to talk to, I’ve decided to invest in some cheap therapy… journalling.  A… Continue reading Why I have begun Journalling

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Christmas Traditions | How to make the day special

The Christmas traditions are what people often most love about Christmas. As you get older and start moving out to Uni and your own adult lives, you begin to develop your own Christmas traditions whilst still retaining your own family traditions when you go home for the big day itself. Whilst this is my first… Continue reading Christmas Traditions | How to make the day special

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Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate | Fargo Village Chocolate Festival

There is no secret or cheat to getting through medical school unscathed, its simply about finding coping mechanisms and temporarily solutions to the problem. Alas, recently my solution to my problem has been scheduling small non-medical related things to do, and if I can get out of the house even better. So, when I found… Continue reading Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate | Fargo Village Chocolate Festival

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Bonfire Celebrations at Kenilworth Castle

Not going home last week was a difficult decision to make. I wanted to go home and go to some fireworks with my family, a tradition we have done for as long as i can remember. However, i knew if i went home i would have to wait until this week to complete my end… Continue reading Bonfire Celebrations at Kenilworth Castle


Who said SuperNoodles can’t be Gourmet? | Student Chicken Noodle Broth

I love cooking, especially now i am in my student house. I have plenty more freedom in deciding what i eat, when i eat and how healthy i want to be. I won't deny that the week i moved in involved me baking up a storm to get over my fears for starting medical school.… Continue reading Who said SuperNoodles can’t be Gourmet? | Student Chicken Noodle Broth


You always need to have biscuits | Caramelised Chocolate Cookies

Having successfully moved into university, i am now enjoying the freedom of a kitchen more or less to myself. I am loving planning my meals over a few days and cooking so gorgeous food, i am hoping to start sharing them with you over the next few weeks. This cookie recipe is something i have… Continue reading You always need to have biscuits | Caramelised Chocolate Cookies

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Welcome Home

I've officially moved in to my new house and i am feeling so positive about the whole process. Though i am sad to have left home and my family, this independence has really reaped positive personal changes. The house i've moved into is a short 8 minute drive from the uni, or a twenty minute… Continue reading Welcome Home

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Moving Out, Moving On Up

‘When it’s time for you to venture out, don’t let fear have you looking back at what you’re leaving behind.’ Today is moving day! I am officially moving out from home to go to University (take two). Although Uni moves are usually considered temporary; it is unlikely, due to path my career will take, that… Continue reading Moving Out, Moving On Up