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My Minimalist Disclaimer

Sometimes I feel like I can’t use the term ‘minimalist’ to define my lifestyle choices. That people judge my lifestyle under a tight number of rules and opinions about what they perceive to be the lifestyle. People will always judge how ‘minimalist’ someone is based on their own personal definitions and perceptions. They will say … Continue reading My Minimalist Disclaimer

I lost sight of what I wanted

I’ve found it really hard to blog recently. I’ve struggled because I haven’t really known what I wanted from life or where I was going. The lack of moving forward in life as lockdowns made it feel like groundhog day over and over really meant I lost the motivation to do most things. That stagnated feeling really sucks out your creativity and became almost writing block…

Med School Diaries: On Placement, Psychiatry and Presidency

With Covid-19 moving most of the teaching online and having pre placement hospital teaching cancelled due to the second wave. There have been multiple moments where I haven’t always felt like I was a medical student.  But finally I’ve started feeling like I am getting to practice medicine, and learn more than just pathophysiology but … Continue reading Med School Diaries: On Placement, Psychiatry and Presidency


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