Hi, I am Abigail. A 23 year old medical student with a passion for minimalism, personal growth, wellbeing and medicine.

What I blog about


Med School Diaries is a series which follows my Medical School journey; through all the joys and heartbreaks. I truly try to offer an in-depth outlook into life as a medical student. Ultimately how I am growing and changing in a way that will hopefully make me a great doctor!


There are plenty of posts on abigailgrows about wellbeing and personal growth. From burnout to self confidence. A topic that is incredibly important to me and being successful in hectic life.


Minimalism is a lifestyle that I really engage with. For me, it goes beyond just physical belongings and is really a mindset that I strive everyday to make the most of. I detailed my journey into minimalism on the blog and now I write about how its changing my life and how it can change my readers lives too.

Life Adventures

Life adventures is a genre where I post about events in my life I feel are important to document. Its also where I hope to post some actual life adventures soon as I get a little more financially stable and can start travelling some more!

When not blogging I am a…

Medical Student

I am a graduate medical student at Warwick Medical School. I am in my second year of four and I have a previous degree (BSc Human and Medical Sciences, Hons). I am prepping for my first rounds of placement which are now pushed back to the Covid-19 Pandemic.


Baking is a really strong passion. My parents are both professionally trained chefs and cooking has always been a big part of my life. I also find it a really good way to relax when stress with medicine or life. Recipes will occasionally make it on to the blog but most of my escapades will be seen on my Instagram!

Event Medic

I have worked as an event medic for the last 3 years. Working in concerts, theme parks and at a number of different sporting events. It’s a job I feel really lucky to have and it not only funds my medical degree but it stokes my passion for pre hospital medicine.

Mentor Co-ordinator

I currently co-ordinate a mentoring scheme as part of Warwick WHAM (widening access to healthcare and medicine). In this role I create newsletters and pair students wanting to apply to medicine with medical students from Warwick for pen-pal style mentoring.

Let’s make something together.

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