Med School Diaries | Time Flies and I Think I am Thriving

I am officially going on Christmas break today.  It seems mental that my first ‘term’ is over. It’s not really been a whole term since I moved into phase 3 (which is a combination of year 3 and 4 of medical school). It seems scary to think that in 18 months I will have finished my training and be moving onwards and upwards. 

October was my exam season. After struggling last time, it was a scary session and I do think the stress and troubles last time impacted my mental health. It was a great personal win to pass first time and comfortably. It gave me confidence for passing finals and dealing with all of what’s to come. 

We moved quickly into Phase 3 after that. Results came out on Friday, and we started 3rd year on Monday. The first block of phase 3 is SSC2, this is a research block which allows us all to take part in our own desired research project. It has been pretty fun, more so than I expected. It is a really interesting piece of research which has strong hopes of being published. 

A lot of the module is self-sufficient, and it has really given me the chance to rest and relax after a difficult few months. It has also allowed me to be flexible with my uni work and take on some interesting jobs. I have been all around the country recently and busy. I had the opportunity to work on the MOBOs medical staff, take a trip to work at Wembley Arena and spent a few days working at the Uni of Nottingham. It has been nice to work in new areas, meet new people and I have gained a promotion. 

I’ve presented a poster at a national conference and been nominated for a student leadership award. After all the stress and difficulty of the initial stages of medical school I finally feel like I am thriving. It is amazing how once you get into the grove of medical school and you settle into your stride how suddenly everything seems to click.

There is definitely some med-school work to complete over Christmas. There are research questionnaires to complete and a few essay competitions I want to take part in. But there is also time to take a break, spend a week with family (hopefully) and enjoy some fun festive activities. 

Come January, I will be finishing my research project followed by two weeks of preparation for placements. After that it is six placements and then finals… bring on medical school in 2021.

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