Venturing home to family and out post-lockdown

Finally started going home to visit my family for the first few times since Covid-19 Lockdown started. Especially now I have adult-ed and sorted out a new (old) car, I don’t really have an excuse now. 

It’s been strange venturing off campus post lockdown. For those that don’t know, I am a residential tutor on my university’s campus (Warwick) and as such I live full-time. So with no students for the last four plus months and only venturing out to to a food shop or go to work at my local hospital. So going home was strangely daunting and overwhelming. 

Venturing home the first time was a real shock to the senses and I only made it three and a half days before I had to come back to the solitude of my flat on campus. The second trip home I made was for my parents 21st wedding anniversary and we went out for dinner for the first time since the pandemic started.

The Tent at Circus Sauce, in the grounds at Stonor

Circus Sauce is a travelling restaurant that follows Gifford’s Circus around. Whilst the Circus is cancelled for the virus, the restaurant is moving in a pop up format. My mum loves pop up restaurants as a concept (she has her own so I think I bit of it is a chance to be nosy) and so this is where we went to celebrate my parents wedding anniversary. 

It was actually a really enjoyable night! And as the family’s resident picky eater I was pleasantly surprised by the food. Dining family style was a great way to talk to each other and ask talk about what we are eating. My sisters loved picking out their favourite bits and we all enjoyed looking at the the quirky plates that all the food was served on. The lobster serving plate won, just in case you wondered. Verity and I however, we not impressed by having to eat our starter and main on the same plate. In fact, Verity threatened to riot if she had to eat the dessert on the same plate!

To me, the most important part of the evening was the atmosphere. Apart from being apart from other tables and the waiters wearing face masks it was almost like life was going back to normal. Eating some good food that I hadn’t had to cook, I wasn’t talking about medical school, or my shifts on wards and it was almost like normal life. Just socially distanced. 

Living alone and away from home during lockdown taught me the value of family and the fine balance of personal space. So visiting home it occurred to me that evening that life is different and will be different for some time. But that the small things we do that are almost like life pre-covid have given me that breath of fresh air and almost helped calm me down and slow down the rate of burnout I wash achieving. 

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