A Clean Living Companion: An Edited Life – Anna Newton

IMG_0889My recent relapse when it came to living a clean and minimal life was a big blow to me. I really enjoy the lifestyle and the power it gives you to live a clean, green life. As such I went looking for some great motivation and tips to stay on track with the lifestyle I want to live. I always use quotes to gain inspiration and to define my life plan. But this time I was looking for a guide to the elements of my life I was struggling with. So I turned to the most obvious place, amazon!

I came across this book on one of my amazon searches, it seemed to be on style with what I was looking for,  quite to condensing life into easy steps and covering multiple subject areas. It also helped that the book was grey, which matches my colour scheme! The book I found was An Edited Life by Anna Newton. It is a simple guide, with simple but sometimes missed tricks to reducing your life into simple, manageable chunks, allowing you to spend more time doing the things you want to do – achieving those holiday plans, starting that business you want to do or solving your finances to buy a home. 

This book has mixed review, which I completely understand. It seems like a book written with information people already know about and there is a big misconception that if someone presents with no new information the book isn’t worth it. I started this book with an open mind and you should too. It’s not about learning a whole books worth of new information; it’s likely that you will already know a few of the methods that Anna suggests (if not all). This context of the book is definitely about going to the book in times of crisis, when you are struggling financially and want to get on top or having issues with that work life balance. You can definitely flip to the chapters you enjoy without a doubt and find some great tips and life advice without having to pour through the pages for an answer. I use the book as an inspiration when I am struggling with what revision to do or how to manage the massive to do list with so little time. 

IMG_6044.JPGHaving a read of this book really helped me get back on track, its not too complicated, its not patronising and really made me feel it was simple. I’ve organised all the my clothes, cupboards and paperwork in the biggest clearcut I have ever done.

Though I can agree with some of the reviews about the answers not being new or improved I definitely think it has helped me look at these methods in a new light or use them in situations I wouldn’t think of using them in. It’s a simple book with everything all in one place which means I don’t need forty million books for each different category – helps with the minimalism principle! I would definitely recommend this book, read with an open mind and acknowledging that some of the answers do seem easy; because it really does help you think about a problem differently and may help you make those life changes you have thought about.

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