Med School Diaries: Back on Track

This week a much happier medical student is writing this post, the one who finally feels they are getting back on track with life. It’s been a combination of smiling through the mental break, eating healthy and exercising, and gaining some confidence. 

The confidence came from Friday’s Clinical skills lesson. During this season we get simulated patients (very very good actors) and we practise some of the finer elements of taking a patient history or develop out signposting skills. Its a very useful session and the perfect place to try new styles of engagement and see what works for you. However, after my last discussion with a real life patient and how much I struggled, I was extremely nervous about this sim. 

I am very fortunate to receive some very good feedback, with some simple changes to improve myself. It was a great confidence builder for me, because I was able to prove to myself, and others that I could do this. I will do this, just you watch me!

I’ve pushed myself this week, with exercise harder than I usually do and the success in that has given me more confidence. I am super excited about getting back into running. Now that it is lighter in the evening I am just waiting for the arctic temperatures to go away before I put my trainers to the pavement. No colds for Abigail again!

Just because I am happier it doesn’t mean that I am in control of the workload… oh no! I am definitely still in need of an extra six hours in the day to get all my work done. Or I need to just admit that I am going to be behind for the considerable future… thats just the fate of a medical student it seems. Things that are worrying me know mainly is money, I need some! Being a medical student isn’t cheap, the petrol and parking alone is a nightmare. The savings and student loans have run out until April and I am that person who hates having an overdraft. It scares me too much.

Next week is back to bedside teaching and those Monday morning car trips. I am actually feeling a little more confident about getting back out on the wards and want to put my new-found fake it til you make it persona to the test. I think it will be interesting how it turns out and I want the week to be a positive one work wise. I want to get some physiology revision done for this block, because I usually put it off until easter, I don’t think there will be too much time for that anymore.

p.s: If anyone has any medical school, or medlife questions please do post them below! I am looking at doing an FAQ for Medical school and need some inspiration! – Thanks in advance!

2 thoughts on “Med School Diaries: Back on Track

  1. All the best to you in your studies and new found confidence to try out on the wards. Will you be having more of those simulated training? because I bet they are so ideal and helpful.

    1. We have lots of simulated patients over the next few years, both for history taking and for clinical skills. Its definitely useful!

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