Note to self: Essays Suck

You have to love what your writing about, you have to believe in what you’re writing and enjoy taking the time to do it. Its why i often take breaks from blogging. You start writing posts for the sake of post writing and the quality drops, followed by the motivation.

It works the same way when writing essays for coursework. There’s an essay i’ve been working on for weeks, and its just not a subject i enjoy or am interested in. Its an important essay that takes up 60% of my module and so i’ve spent alot of time on it but have been mentally broken every time i get stuck on a section. Today’s post is just a short one, venting my frustrations in the hope i can get this essay completed in the next few hours, and show people that university essays are hard, but important.

Finding the motivation to complete something you don’t have a passion for, solidifies my reasoning behind the path i am taking in life. If you don’t enjoy something there is no reasoning behind spending every day of your life being involved in it.

I guess the moral of the story is that i need to finish my essay, so i can get my degree and push myself onto the path i am destined to be one, that can motivate me to be the best person every day and enjoy writing super long essays on subject matter i love.

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