Cancer Biology: Mixing Masters and Undergrads

My second semester module is Cancer Biology. Its an intriguing module that is intense and interesting all in one go. The module is also different in its formatting; combining masters and undergraduate students together to form a large mixed ability lecture hall.

As an undergraduate in this class i have mixed feelings about this, my main one being the lecture content. The lecture content is often at masters level, and despite being in third year, will still contain information we have yet to learn or be introduced too. Especially for me considering that I’ve had a minimal introduction to cancer biology, when the lecture assumes the basic knowledge the undergraduates don’t have yet we get confused and lost quickly.

It can have its bonuses, the work is hard but interesting and you often get all the information to form the complete picture rather than the select things given in most of my third year modules. Its also mainly coursework based which lowers my work load in April and May.

Considering I’ve only had two lectures i am yet to have a solid opinion on the module. I am hoping that the detail required will not overwhelm me and mixing master students and undergraduates will not effect me negatively.


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