The Waiting Game

The hardest thing about university, masters and job applications is the waiting game. The application is in, the interview done and now you have to sit back and repeatedly refresh your emails until that offer comes in.

You need to think positive, you are waiting for an offer, not a rejection. Its thinking like this that will get you through those weeks of waiting. I have some advice from my past applications and the current one I am waiting on about how to get through the application waiting game with your sanity intact.

1. Stop refreshing your emails – its not going to make time fly any faster… its only going to drive you more and more insane. Most phones can automatically refresh and don’t need you to remind them to look for email, you’ll know when it comes in.

2. Check last years forums – Not in the way you think. Have a skim, and I mean skim, to find the when after interview offers were made. Its not an exact science but it will narrow down the time frame you then have to be sat at your computer waiting

3. Do something productive – get some more experience, do some volunteering, even start a new hobby! Just do something to fill in any of that spare time and get your mind off it. Its the best thing to do whilst you wait and even helps you get prepared for another application round if at first you don’t succeed.

4. Don’t constantly email – if you’ve been given a time frame thats your time frame. Theres no point in annoying the administration staff to try and get a more specific date. If anything it could unnecessarily spotlight you, and not always in a good way. Feel free to email after the deadline they have given is passed if you are that worried, I would wait a day or two just in case they are running late before making any rash judgements.

Hopefully this advice will give you some ideas about how to conquer the waiting game nerves. Hopefully everyones applications will go smoothly and everyone will get into the courses and careers they want.

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