Blind Date with a Book

  • Kleptomaniac
  • Cunning Heroine
  • Suspense
  • Thriller
  • England

That was all i got when i picked my recent book, via Blind Date with a Book. This book turned out to be Marnie by Winston Graham.

Winston Graham is also the author of the famous Poldark series, and Marnie was no less of a hit, becoming a Hitchcock classic in the 60’s.  The book is an incredibly well written psychological thriller; the writing allows you into the mind and motivations of a con artist, feeling the suspense of waiting to get caught.

I enjoyed the book, but i loved the concept behind the blind date. It was a book i was unlikely to pick up based on the cover and blurb, and a genre i do not usually delve into. However, it has kept me warm on these cold, dark winter evening and i would definitely try the process again if i ever hit a what book to pick wall.


I rate my books in the best way i know how; the number of cups of tea its worth. A book i love to read my sat on the sofa, the train or in bed with my favourite cup of tea; so i felt it was the perfect way to express my love for the books i read. Between 1-3 cups, 3 being the best.

This book was rated:

2 T's

I rated it two cups because i enjoyed the overall theme behind the book. However, it was obvious to me that its a 50 year old book, because the plot is antiquated. I would still recommend the book however for psychological thrill seekers and people interested in the 60’s era.

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