Just a late night post about late night revision…

People revise in different ways, but for many students late nights are the time they really shine. For me I prefer late nights, its often quieter at home, but it can also has its drawbacks.

The pro’s for me are definitely the peace and quiet. Most of my house goes to sleep at 8:30ish so anytime after that I can be assured of no distractions. I also seem to work better in the evening; I can be a morning person when I want to be, but I do prefer afternoon lectures or evening revision if I have the choice. I am often more awake and able to focus more on what I need to do.

The con’s for me can also be the need to be quiet, so I don’t wake anyone up; I also dislike what happens when you let the boredom take over, because I often fall asleep. The quiet can be both positive and negative; it requires you to focus but means I cant go downstairs for a cup of tea because boiling the kettle is so loud.

I have however found a way of late night revision that works when I need it too. Its definitely not a frequent choice, but I find it gives me a boost if i’m facing multiple days revising in a row. You’ve probably guessed from the image that its a 24hr Starbucks. I am very fortunate to have a 24hr Starbucks available less than a ten minute drive away. Late at night, like it is when I write this, there is no one there, so its quiet and the wifi speed is excellent. It also has almost unlimited drinks options, I tend to stay away from the tea however, theres just something not quite right about tea at Starbucks for me.

Its definitely not a frequent thing, it would cost the earth to keep the habit up, but its great at bringing my motivation up when I need it and allows me to wake up and get away from the dangerous distractions at home.

Late night studying might not suit everyone, but its a reality for most people, either because of work, family or general preference. So having a motivational boost, or even celebration for late night coursework success is vital to keeping you motivated when you start hitting the exam countdown.

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