12 Days of Reflection: Day 12 – Weakness

As this post comes live i am in the middle of an interview that could change my life. I can’t go into specifics… yet… but what i can say is that it has given me the chance to reflect on something you often try not to think about, weakness.

Weakness for me is being vulnerable; its a major reason why i rarely drink. I have a major fear of being put into a situation that makes me vulnerable or emotionally reliant on someone else. It makes relationships and friendships hard for me, but so worthwhile when i find the ones i can try to be vulnerable with.

Another weakness for me is criticism, i tend to take it very personally. There was a situation recently where i received a complaint about my care of a patient at work. I had done nothing wrong, was in the presence of my boss, but the words of an angry guest who took her frustrations out on me went straight to me head. I worried about my skills for a good few cases after this, it took my boss sitting me down and assuring me i was doing a good job to pull  me out of the funk.

“What breaks you down is not the amount of pressure you feel at one time, but it’s the way you perceive and handle it.”  – Ashish Patel

The important thing is knowing how to get over those weaknesses in situations. I know that when i get criticism i need to voice my concerns to people who can help me, ask what i can do better and often get an unbiased opinion on the situation. It often helps you to learn and grow, and you often need a shock such as criticism to help you reach that state.

Knowing what makes you weak increases your strength of character; i hope knowing these weaknesses will help me to show these interviewers that they need me, just as much as i want them… wish me luck!

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