12 Days of Reflection: Day 10 – The Future

Day 10 is here, its amazing what ten days of constant blogging and reflection has done for me. This series has given me the chance to look into the future, i finish Uni this year and what i am going to do next is so ambiguous that i truly am unsure what 2018 will bring. I have two interviews in the next three weeks and i am hoping these will bring some security or decisions to what the year will bring.

I am also 21 this year; its a big birthday in terms of personal growth. Being 21 means your officially an adult all over the world, no more excuses and no more child’s play. To be truthful i think i am quite adult anyway so i don’t think this is too much of a problem; but i am excited to spend my birthday surrounded by my family and loved ones. I have a few plans in the works and i am looking forward to a fun February.

The only downside for me looking into the future is the unknown. I love a good plan and i like knowing what is coming and when. The thing about the future is its so spontaneous, it often means that when you try to look ahead you realised how unplanned you are; for a planner like me its a scary thought.

Its going to be a promising year or five and I’m going to be sharing the journey with all my readers.



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