12 Day of Reflection: Day 8 – Fashion

My wardrobe is at that weird stage in life where it contains a multitude of categories; the last dregs on my teenage clothes, extremely smart office wear and plenty of party dresses.

Finding that ability to find your own style as you change yourself is hard. My current style depends on my mood, or where I’m going; but its in a flux state that means clothes in my wardrobe can go months without being worn.

I’ve begun slowly developing my wardrobe in the hope of getting rid of the stuff i rarely wear anymore. All my clothes were sorted and hung up with all the hangers facing inwards; every time i wear something i hang it back up on a hanger facing outwards. After three months i check the wardrobe, whatever hasn’t been moved gets sent to charity.

In the two weeks i have been doing this i have already noticed i tend to steer more to some clothes then others, and the clothes i stay away from are clothes I’ve owned since late teens. I personally think it will be intriguing which clothes survive the year.

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