Semester 1 is over!

So my first semester of final year is over and what a start it has been. Thrown in the deep end with four modules each with double lectures as well as lab work for my dissertation, the workload has been on the edge of crippling.

But, i have powered through, achieved grades i am proud of and opened doors i thought i had locked shut academically.

There is no denying that third year is the toughest educational year i have had, the workload has not slowed down over the Christmas holidays, and i have no doubt that my christmas day will be spent writing my dissertation introduction in time for my deadline.

I have learnt a lot this semester, mainly about managing work, social balances and coursework deadline. I’ve discovered new friends and a foundational belief that i will get through this, something this time last year, i was worried i wouldn’t do.

My advice to others when they start first year is perseverance and planning. Keep going, no matter how much work there is, or how much the motivation is slowly draining away; you will get through it. When you do, you will be eternally grateful to yourself for continuing through what is the most mentally draining thirteen weeks on your life so far.

The second is planning, plan for deadlines, meetings with tutors, lab time and note consolidation. But most importantly, plan for the future; if you don’t you’ll be a year behind most of your competitors, lacking the volunteering, references or entry exams to whatever you want to do as a career. Then you have to take a gap year to catch up, or settle for something you don’t want to do… and no one should ever just settle, there’s no fun in that.


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