When the drugs don’t work…

I’ve just finished the most intriguing read; a welcome break from the revision stress, but a thought  provoking one non the less. The Drugs Don’t Work, by Professor Dame Sally C. Davies is a thought provoking yet blunt incite into whats going to happen in the next 30 years as our antibiotics stop working.

There has been no new antibacterial discovered in the last 26 years, and simple infections that could once be cured by our antibiotics are becoming harder and harder to treat. Professor Dame Davies proposes realistic methods to prevent deaths from simple infections, things that could be easily enforced globally to give us added time to address the situation.

The antibiotic crisis also highlights the need for scientific research in todays world. We need new blood, to take creative ideas and make them a reality, to discover the undiscovered, and say that money should not define life. Because the thats the sad reality of the last 26 years; no new antibiotic classes have been discovered because pharmaceutical companies see no profit to be found in them.

The conclusion to Davies’ book is a likely reality; when infection hits home quarantine and home infection testing is the norm, you have to recover alone until the infections die out and our antibiotics work again. If the world doesn’t work together to fight this crisis and inspire research in this area, then we will rapidly run out of options, and hope for a infection safe future.

Based upon the words of Professor Dame Sally C. Davies, Chief Medical Officer for England.

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