Revision Begins

Shock horror!

Its not even December and my revision schedule has already begun. Its mainly due to the vast amount of subjects and the depth of knowledge required in third year. Third year requires you to start thinking independently; bringing in base knowledge with new research to have the most up to date information when answering questions.

It means the revision takes longer, as there is more to learn and plenty more to read. The amount of notes is expansive, the trees must be weeping from my lecture notes alone. You have to be prepared and organized, especially when some modules ignore the January exam period in favour of an exam at the end of December…. Thanks for that…

I am hoping if I get revising now I have the ability to take some time off over Christmas, well only a little; revision is the perfect opportunity to get away from annoying relatives. I am lucky that I only have two exams this semester… but I don’t really understand what is going on in these modules. If I had more clarification, I would then know what to revise instead of revising everything with the hope of understanding enough to pass.

With any luck, I will get the clarification I need in the next week or two; and then I can reduce my revision workload. Until then, i just have to keep up with the lecture notes to reduce my workload later.

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