On a Spending Spree to Artemis

Went on a splurge today; was more of a book buying frenzy to be honest. After all, it’s not often payday falls on the same time as reading week. If my university is going to name half term reading week who am I to deny them. I must have spent about 40 on books in the space of 10 minutes. Though this doesn’t seem like a lot. When I start specifying that two thirds of these were Ebooks, you start to see the cost climbing.

One book I ordered was Artemis, by Andy Weir. Andy Weir is the famous writer of The Martian, one of my favourite books, so when I saw the preorder of this new one I clicked it immediately. So despite being disappointed by the wait I am really looking forward to my journey to Artemis.

Artemis is the first city on the moon. This leads to a lot of tourism, and a lot of criminals. Jazz stumbles through life in Artemis on both sides of the law. When an offer to good not to take is presented to her, she can’t say no. After all, how dangerous can a low gravity, heist be?

Pre-order Artemis here, released November 14th 2017

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