My War – Colby Buzzell

My War: Killing time in Iraq by Colby Buzzell is a sensitive yet accurate outlook into the life of soldiers on the frontline and how returning home effects them. The honest content endears Colby to your heart and often prevents you putting the book down.

Based of Buzzell’s blog called ‘Live’ from Iraq; the humour, detail and excellent writing style makes for a compelling read. The skill in writing shows great detail in combat scenes and the formatting makes it the perfect start and stop book. It has however, lost some of its quality of speech during its move from web to paper. If you can look beyond this you will enjoy the book just as much as i did.


What i loved…

The use of profanity is honest and explains the true character of the author. The structure of the book and the depth of the story showed the day to day life of an American soldier; accompanied by his punk rock music compilation.



I rate my books in the best way i know how; the number of cups of tea its worth. A book i love to read sat on the sofa, the train or in bed with my favourite cup of tea; so i felt it was the perfect way to express my love for the books i read. Between 1-3 cups, 3 being the best.

This book was rated:

3 T's

I loved this book, its one i will probably read again and  would strongly recommend. Its structure and humour bring you in and keeps you engaged in the tales Buzzell tells.

Buy the book here!

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