Hospital Beat – Jonathan Nicholas

513gg0juc2blHospital Beat by Jonathan Nicholas is a unique view of everyday goings on inside a busy UK hospital.

Despite the complex language and multiple tangents in the story i found it intriguing and an enjoyable way to pass the time on the tube.  I would definitely read Nicholas’ other book sometime soon.

What i loved…

I loved that this book was a different take on typical day in the life books in an NHS setting.  The diary like structure was a great way to get in with the story and bond with the people involved. Each individual story teaches you something new about the underbelly of the NHS.


I rate my books in the best way i know how; the number of cups of tea its worth. A book i love to read my sat on the sofa, the train or in bed with my favourite cup of tea; so i felt it was the perfect way to express my love for the books i read. Between 1-3 cups, 3 being the best.

This book was rated:

2 T's

I rated it two cups for the stories that would get you laughing. It was a great incite both into the life of the police and the hospital staff. You here many stories that you don’t think would happen. I found the first few chapters hard to get into and it took me a while to get into the book unlike books of similar formats.

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