And so it begins…

It was my first day back an uni today and my brain already feels like it is going to explode from all the information i have had to cram into it. My first day back has been spent trying to fix issues.

My dissertation project supervisor has left my university and despite being given a new one. I arrived at todays meeting to be told i had to change my project completely, to something i have never heard of. This means i need to repeat all of my second year research and writing to catch back up to my new topic.

I am also not being given extra time, and will be expected to complete this along side my dissertation lab work and four out of five modules in my first semester…. i think i need a few extra hours in the day!

My first lecture of the year gave me hope; the lecture was interesting and the lack of formal examination and the end of the module makes me very happy. If only all modules went this way. This year i think lectures are the least of my worries, the topics all intrigue me and (so far) the workload seems reasonably balanced and thought out. My only worry is that i am in four days a week, with many modules having two lectures a week. With my second semester only having one day a week of learning i don’t understand why it hasn’t been spread out more…

My first day of Final Year has been a success; I’ve solved problems, developed solutions and jumped straight back into academic life. I only hope i can continue this motivational streak and get things done!


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