Second Year Summery: A year of self learning

I am two thirds of the way through my university degree; its a scary warning that soon I will have to enter the world of actual adulthood full-time. So far university has taught me a lot; not only academically, but about myself and others. This has taught me a multitude of skills that will stick with me for life.

I’ve learnt that I don’t need to rely on my parents to make important decisions; and that failure happens sometimes, its how you pick yourself up after that means you really succeed. When I first started uni, I didn’t think I would learn a lot about myself, simply the skills and knowledge to pass my exams. I avoided discussions about going on nights out and halls life, simply because I lived at home and was never interested in that sort of thing. Now discussions have changed to work experience, internships, careers and deadlines; nobody needs to talk about parties anymore; we’ve been there, done that and got the hangover.

University has been the way in which i’ve gained independence and self respect and although sometimes I regret the decision I know its the best thing I could have done. Thankfully its now my summer break and I have over three months to decide on where adulthood is going to take me and which of the many paths I am going to take. Most importantly I am enjoying the sunshine, because I know I will be spending most of third year in the library with my head over a textbook or three!

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