So I am back to planning my next expedition… this time I think it might end up being a solo trip!

That both scares the living daylights out of me and thrills me at the same time. Traveling alone as a young women is a scary thought; when I told my mum her response was a flat out no. She said I wasn’t going on holiday I was traveling to get raped and murdered… only the view would be nicer.

I think she doesn’t quite understand the calm and serenity that going abroad alone can give someone; how its a perfect opportunity to relax and meet new people, to truly experience life.

Theres a method to the madness of going alone, getting to achieve everything I want. I follow a lot of travel bloggers, mainly women who gave up there job and travel alone full time. They to admit that at times it is scary. But they also explain the wonders it does for self discovery.

I have the desire to escape from reality, from hard work and people complaining over the phone about the hardships their lives are.

The important question still remains… where should I go?

I’ve been looking at a few places both close and far away. The first is to rent a seaside cottage in Cornwall, just a weekend away from the family; with a book or three enjoying the time alone to rest and recuperate post exams. Another is a 5 day break in Nantes. Located in the south of France, Nantes has the perfect mix of old heritage and modern infrastructure. It has a creative tourist experience called the Green Line; painted on the ground following the green line takes you to the heart of the city taking you past all the major monuments, must see sites and modern art installations. The trail is constantly looked after and following it can cause you to see many small surprises along the way.

Then again, maybe I could save up and go truly wild… wait a little longer, save a little more and go traveling somewhere, maybe through Australia or America for a few weeks as a 21st birthday gift to myself. The world is open to us all, and I have no idea where to start!

The featured image is of Nantes’ trams on a lawned line; Nantes was the first french city to reintroduce trams in 1985.

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