Short: Cold Commute

Its so cold in the mornings, it makes getting up and standing at a train platform so painful, everymoring my fingers go so number its practically impossible to more them. You can tell that this year is going to be a cold christmas.

The worst part for me is the rush of the fast trains going past my stop; the wind is so bracing; the sheer force of it knocks you backwords and with the added chill it gives, the entire experiance becomes uncomfortable. The heating on the trains are good thank goodness so once you are on them you can warm your fingers up to prevent frost bite.

The bakerloo line is also pretty chilly this time of year. The heating is often turned off, despite being on full blast all summer and boiling us all. I walked down onto the northbound platform and thought i as walking into a winter storm. The force of the wind from the tube departing was so strong and you really had ot force yourself through it; to a freezing platform to await the second wind of the arriving tube carriage.

Need to dig out my winter gear, the cold weather swooped in so quickly; i wonder if we will have a white christmas? Its only 46 days away after all…

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