Reading Week Rant

Its been a while since i have posted; mainly because its been reading week and I’ve been neck deep in the world of work, trying to earn some much needed income. Is it just me or do we as students spend more of reading week doing anything but?

I find reading week distracts me, as you can probably tell from my lack of posting, its hard to motivate myself in to reading, revising and writing without the small deadlines of lectures to motive me as well as the structure they provide my life. There are many benefits to reading week for studying at university. I have got 90% of my notes perfected, ready and waiting to be revised and learnt for my January exams. There is also now a major understanding of the two modules I really need to knuckle down on in order to achieve my targeted first at the end of this year. My coursework is also completed and submitted up to date and so I have much more time to do some reading and revision.

I am one of the many students and teachers that agree that university reading weeks are a massive waste of time and money; especially when we pay £9000 a year for the worlds shortest teaching time. Last year I don’t even think I made the teaching time I have accumulated so far this year and the reading weeks left me with nothing to study as I was hardly ever in. This year is the opposite, I am so heavily surrounded by lectures doing five out of eight modules this semester that I could have done with a week of lectures to stop the condensing of lectures to fit semester timetable.

There is not a lot of testing in university, especially at mine. I have an international friend who went back to America to study because they hated the lack of testing contact we received. I find it so hard to determine whether I understand anything because the only testing I get is the final exam; and its too late by then.

I enjoy university; I love my degree, the people who I study with and I am always fascinated and interested in what I learn, even if I find it difficult. But the whole jump from lessons five days a week for 5 hours to 20 hours a semester with 10 times the content to learn confounds me, and loosing a week for ‘reading’ leaves me going to work as much as I can to earn some money to fund my education.

Telegraph – Reading weeks are a waste of time

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