Short: Why are people not pretty anymore?

The world is so full of fake people that its impossible to tell whats truthful anymore. Its not even possible to take a photograph now without altering your appearance. Why are we not pretty anymore? what is with the reliance on filters and photoshop?

I for one have always hated photographs; always offering to take them rather than be in them. When i am coerced into taking a snap i hate the outcome always. When i was introduced to snap chat filters i began to see things in a new light. Admittedly a false and highly edited light. Now i fail to take a picture without using a filter of some sort.

There is a lot of irony involved wit photoshop and celebs as well. They become a common used feature but when done poorly people are ridiculed. its an impossible fight to win; be fat or thin, or #no filter, but not be perfect at either and you are flawed no matter.

Its a shame that the world has come to this conclusion that people cannot be pretty without the use of editing. Even without a lens, make up is now used to hide flaws and reshape the face rather than highlighting our features. I wish we could all feel comfortable enough to walk around the city streets with not makeup and be happy with how individually beautiful our bodies are. Alas i feel the ship has sailed on this desire and may never come back to port.


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