Protesting is about expressing an objection to what someone has said or done; since when did violence become part of the process?

There has been sixteen cases of civil unrest in america this year; where seemingly peaceful protests turned violent. The UK is not left out of this worrying trend a famous example being the 2011 protest into the death of Mark Duggan which sparked five days of rioting in London and other cities.

What benefit does being violent bare on protesting against the actions of larger parties? Turning a protest violent is usually not the aim of most peaceful protests; though there are some protesters who will go to do just that. Many protests turn violent when they are frustrated and when aggravated; or at the will of others.

Researching into many protests that have turned violent, the flash point is usually found within a fraction of the group itself; people who have gone with the intention of causing unrest, usually against the police as a figure of authority and government. Protests that turn into civil unrest over a number of days escalate as people join who are not there to protest about the original issue but are their to incite violence; this was the case of the London riots, social media was used to encourage others to uses the protest as an excuse to loot shops and burn down buildings.

Think about how many protests you hear about in the news, national or otherwise. How many of these feature stories about peaceful protests? How many feature headline news of violence breaking out at such protests?

The answer is that the majority of protests unfortunately only make the news if fighting occurs or major damage; so people are taking the stance that in order to be heard violence must be synonymous with their protest.There are also some issues protested on that are based upon issues of hatred, normally racially based, these are more likely to incite violence due to the people protesting clashing with members of the clique they found hatred towards.

Its sad really, that people of the world feel they have little choice to be heard except for cause harm and upset to their fellow humans. What does the violence achieve; in the case of Charlotte, violence towards the police does nothing but harm the stigma that coloured people are violent against the police, only providing more evidence.  I am not alone in feeling this way; the free hugs campaign posted a video of the North Carolina Riots where a member of their campaign was abused for showing peace. He’s an inspirational man; and he should be listened too.


We are all humans, and the irony of Charlotte is they are blaming a group of people for the actions of one, the very stigma they are campaigning against. How is this helping? You should be fighting for better policies and training in profiling not just on race, harsher punishments for police who fire their weapons unnecessarily and prove to the police force that you are no a threat to their safely and those singular entities within their organisation are wrong. The women in this video in this case are doing nothing but feed the vicious circle police and Charlotte residents are trying to get out of.

Has the war on terror not taught us fighting gets us no where… can we not talk to each other like decent human beings?

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