Back with a Bang! Year Two at University

To say day one of the university year was over would be an understatement, for I have a good few hours of preparation work to do for tomorrows lectures. The feeling of being back in the game is extraordinary as I’ve realised how comfortable i am being back learning again. The day began nicely, meeting up with loads of my friends and hyping each other up about being back. I also finally go my most of my reading and lesson plans for my modules, a little late considering I started today.

Today was my first day of learning for year two and it was a soft opening; I only had one lecture, medical physiology; its an interesting topic not only for the subject content but because of the method of learning. The module uses Problem Based Learning (PBL) a method becoming vastly popular with universities for teaching modules to their students.

I love the idea of problem based learning; I think its a great way to learn an expansive topic within science combining it with great skills required for team work out in the real world. However, my first experience of PBL was pretty abysmal; whats the point in being in a group if the group ends u being four smaller groups. And what is the point of attending the sessions without doing the pre-reading! The thing that is required in order to understand the case and the patients illness; we are required to write a statement explaining why the patient is suffering from this illness but you can begin to do that if you cant identify the illness. That would definitely be my peace of advice for people; do the pre-reading; its there for a reason and your lazy ass attitude better not effect my grade because I will hunt you down…

Getting back into the London commute was a struggle; I forgot how painful it was. The tube was horrendous on my return journey, absolutely packed and stiflingly hot. But the buzz of London almost makes up for it; if the threat of rain was not lingering in its black cloud form I would have walked up and enjoyed Regents Park in the setting sun before heading home. Being back in London and having a campus right of Oxford Circus I eagerly await the christmas lights to brighten up these dark evenings on my journey home. I forgot how easily the atmosphere of a place can affect a person, living in a village like mine you hardly get to experience the rush you get from a fast paced life. Its probably why I love bartending, the adrenaline rush of a packed bar is amazing for the soul, not so much for my feet.


So year two is back with a bang; I have a hard slog of lectures tomorrow, starting at 9am and finishing at 4. Tuesday also contains my hardest subjects two and so I am desperate for a good nights sleep; but I have an essay plan to write and a lot of pre-reading to do that I have received last minute.

Year two is going to be bigger and better than ever. I guarantee it.

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