Reading until the lines blur

It’s time to get back to the important work; university work. It’s definitely exciting to get back into it because the science is stuff I understand and get really get absorbed in.

The reading lists are in and the schedules are up; and although my lectures do not start until Monday its time to get to work and start absorbing the library that now inhabits my bedroom. The proof is in the size of these textbooks, my biochemistry text is over 1000 pages, my anatomy is about 800 and the reading for medical physiology is in a world of its own.

The question was where do I start? Do I read chapters i know are coming up and get a head start on note taking or skim the whole thing and try to have a broad grasp on the subject. Because honestly,looking at the huge stack makes me kind of want to cry and the problem with science subjects is you never really know how far to take the studying; how in-depth do you need to go to cover the exam possibilities.

I finally made the decision to go with Biochemistry; as its definitely my weakest subject and spending some of this more relaxed time on the topic will hopefully give me the opportunity to raise my average grade.

Wish me luck, because there is definitely a years worth of work here, and the words and diagrams are beginning to blur; maybe thats a sign I should take a break, or have a nap…

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