Neglected Tropical Diseases – a cycle of disease and desperation

Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD) are a selection of diseases which attract little attention globally, despite infecting up to a million people globally. The reason for this is they effect the worlds ruralist and poorest areas; contributing a significant factor into the cycle of poverty and disease, that limits a community due to the physical cognitive impairment they cause.

The diseases that fall under this category include Dracunculiasis, Buruli Ulcers and African Sleeping Sickness; cause by pathogens with a fascinating biology and epidemiology. And I discovered the category when reading around one of my new modules ‘Human Parasitology’ at university. I decided to research more into them and post some research articles in order to promote NTD and how dangerous they can be if untreated. It is clear that NTD’s are an important topic of discussion and action of multiple non government organisations and hopefully I can inspire some interest into people.

Look out for some pretty interesting articles on the way soon!

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