When I grow up I want be a humanitarian aid worker…

There are special people in the world who have the ability to share their humanity, give up so much of their own life to help others, in dangerous countries and with few resources and today is the day we can thank them.

When war breaks out it’s not only soldiers that arrive on the frontline, it’s humanitarian workers too. People who advocate for unity among people and provide healthcare and refuge to victims of war, poverty and natural disaster. Today marks World Humanitarian Day designed to coincide with 2003 bombing of UN Headquarters in Baghdad. Humanitarian Work a harsh career, fraught with risks, often facing blockades on multiple sides and the knowledge that you unfortunately are often unable to save everyone. So when I tell people I want to work as a humanitarian, people are often shocked and at most job interviews most people ask why I would choose such a path.

The answer is simple; it aligns with my values and combining my passion and career with a sense of fulfillment doing something like this, is a dream career for me. I have the ability to achieve my dreams, make a difference to peoples lives and pay my bills, why would you not?

The work of a humanitarian aid worker never stops, its more of a lifestyle than a career something you never get away from and spend most of your time thinking about. You’re surrounded by committed and enthusiastic colleagues in a new and cultured environment; days are never the same and you often don’t have the same view out of your office window.

I’ve been fortunate to grow up in a well established country, in an area filled with wealth despite spending a lot of my childhood struggling for money. I am able to spend all this time in education and learn what ever I want despite my gender. We have free healthcare and as many vaccinations as I need to stay safe for diseases. This country makes everyone equal and safe, people in countries that need humanitarian aid don’t have any of this, or if they do its so hard to achieve this without money, which again they have no access too.

Equality should be given to everyone; I want to allow everyone the change to live and better themselves. Given an education, healthcare and safety from wars they do not ask for. Its a vision that all aid agencies and their staff share and work towards. Today, on World Humanitarian Day we have the chance to thank all the people who work hard and risk their lives so the world can be one step closer to this vision. Last year 109 workers died, 110 were injured and 68 kidnapped in the line of duty, for what they believe in and you can not be anything but inspired by what they do every day.

So, to all of them out there…

Thank You

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