Making a Strategic Retreat: not as scary as I thought

One of the major lessons of adulthood I have learnt recently; is when to fight your battles and when to make a strategic retreat for sanities purposes. I am not the kind of person to leave from an argument without an ending, mainly because I like to solve puzzles; however its simply not possible in this society.

You have to wonder what has come to society when we can no longer talk or negotiate our problems… but then you look at the EU and most political societies… so maybe you don’t need to wonder.

So I have made a rather large retreat from my current job… in fact i’m completely fleeing the battlefield that I arrived on every time I turned up to work. It scares the living hell out of me quite frankly; leaving it behind and living in the no mans land of no university due to summer and no income. But it was worth it, if I can’t discuss my problems with my co-workers and management how am I mentally supposed to work there; working in hospitality is already a mentally draining industry due to sheer hard work and mistreatment by many customers, but working under some conditions just make you hate yourself. And I did, I blamed myself more than I blamed my job circumstance and I was loosing who I was as a person.

Thats the best way to do it.. retreat strategically, its not giving up or admitting failure, its realizing that this is not the right situation for you to be in and finding a much better one.

Grown up lesson learnt. Its okay to leave problems unsolved in the search for something better.

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